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Online Craps Hedge Bets

Hedge bets are very popular in casino online craps, so you need to be aware and know all about this form of betting. A hedge bet is done when your bet is split into two smaller bets. This subsequently will decrease your chance of losing, but will also decrease your chance of winning big. It is not always a recommended strategy for online craps, but it can allow you to stay in the race in tournaments or win smaller prices. Online craps hedge bets are often used when people want to prolong their play with their initial sum of money, or try to cut their losses.

To make a hedge bet, you have to place a pass line bet. For example, 10 dollars. On top of that bet, you place a 2 dollar bet on the any craps in the online craps game. If the shooter throws a 2-3 or a 12, you would lose your 10 dollars but win 14 dollars for the any craps bet. Another option is to use the craps hedge and the point and don’t pass line. First, you bet 10 dollars on the don’t pass line. If the shooter throws a 6, then the number becomes a point. You can then make a place bet on the 6 for 6 dollars.

This way you are covered no matter what. If the shooter rolls for instance, a 7, you win 10 dollars for the don’t pass line and lose 6 dollars for your bet. If they roll a 6, you lose 10 dollars and win 7 for your placed bet. So, it’s not a strategy to be used to win big by any means, but it can keep you in the game for a prolonged time, until you feel more comfortable playing big in online craps. Looking for something different when it comes to gaming? Then why not play roulette online!