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Online Blackjack

It is possible to discuss why just Blackjack has become such a popular casino game, but it is easy to assume that it is based on the fact that it is not based solely on chance, as a player you can influence the outcome slightly more than in digital slot machines. Making an active decision to take a new card or stay gives us players a sense of control, which we always like.

What is blackjack going on?

At the beginning of a game, the player will first and foremost determine his bet. At online casinos, the minimum and maximum amount of bets vary at different tables. The player should choose a table that suits the player and the game budget he has set. After selecting the bet, the dealer will give the player two cards and one for himself. Here the player decides if he wants to take a card or if he is satisfied and stays with the two cards he has. What happens after this depends on the table's own rules travel online tips, but usually the dealer continues to give himself short if its total value is under 17. If the dealer gets 17 or higher, it must stay. The player can take as many cards as he wants, as long as he is not over 21. Likewise, the player can stay whenever he wishes if he feels satisfied with the cards that have been given.

The goal of Blackjack is to get 21 or as close as possible, without getting a higher sum. At the same time, the player must get better cards than the dealer to win. Blackjack is when the player gets 21 already at the first two cards handed out unless the dealer gets the same value. The best hand to get is an ace as well as a jacket, it's the ultimate Blackjack hand https://danskespilbonus.com/. But an ace, as well as 10 or any dressed card, gives the player Blackjack as well. By clicking here you can read more about what blackjack is about.

The most common rules at Blackjack

There are different variants of Blackjack and different tables at different online casinos have different rules. So it's hard to give universal rules that apply to all tables. However, these are the most common rules and to see what's in your specific table, we recommend reading the table's own rules.

The card's number value

Ace has the value of 11 or 1, the player decides at each given hand. 10 and all dressed cards have a value of 10. All other cards have their own number value. You win by getting as close to 21 as possible while having better cards than the dealer. At some tables you will not lose your bet if you get 20 or 21 at the same time as the dealer. Then you get back your bet but no win. If you get over 21, you lose the game automatically and the bet will be lost.